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Social Media Management and Marketing Services.

Social media is a powerful tool, that once utilised well, can build and cultivate a strong community and customer base for your brand and business. It is a platform we can use to showcase your brand’s authenticity and authority. If you are looking for user engagement and advanced market targeting options, then social media is the platform for you.

Backdoor Marketing, is a team of experienced social media marketers. We offer our services on all media platforms including Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Twitter. We use social media to develop brand awareness, build relationships with your customers and increase your website exposure.

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How Social Media Marketing Benefits Your Business:

Create, connect and grow. In order to showcase your online identity and build brand awareness on social media, we need to grow your followers and the key audience who may be interested in your product or services. Your followers are current and potential customers. The more followers you have that match your business target market, the more quality leads and sales.

It’s the connection between you and your followers that will bring brand engagement. The stronger the connection with your followers, the more likely they are to buy from you. We want to encourage your followers to engage with your brand (likes, comments, shares, etc.), so they feel apart of your community. Engagement brings exposure from which will draw in more customers who are likely to be loyal to your business and its online identity.

Ultimately, we want to generate leads to your website and other social media platforms. By increasing your social media followers and engagement, we increase website traffic, which will convert to quality leads and sales.



There are approximately 22 million people active on social media in South Africa.

Our Quality Social Media Marketing Strategy:


Set Goals

We want to understand what you want from your brands social media. Our aim to know your goals and objectives and how we can build a campaign around them that will drive the results you want.



We’ll take a look at your current social media profiles (if you have any) and we’ll see what works and what doesn’t work for your brand. We want to know who your online target market is. We’ll analyse your current followers as well as your competitors audience to get a better understanding of who we need to target.


Scope Your Competition

Our job is to know who you’re up against. We’ll conduct an analysis that will tell us who they are, what they’re doing and where they might be falling short when it comes to social media marketing. This will give us insight into your industry and how it performs on social media.



Now we will create a unique plan that will separate your brand from the rest of your competition. We’ll focus on things that will differentiate you from your competitors in order to convert your audience.


Observe and Monitor

We’re going to monitor how we handle your social media and see if its effective with your audience or not. As we go, we’ll tweak and change your campaigns strategy by ensuring fresh and interesting content is publish and all leads/questions are responded to.


It’s All in our Hands

We’ll handle all the content, artwork, targeting and optimisation of your social media accounts. All you have to do is sit back and see the results.

Why We Should Handle Your Social Media?

At Backdoor Marketing we are experienced and knowledgable in all things Social Media. From content creation to sponsored advertising, we’ll be able to handle and manage your social media accounts in order to promote your online brand identity and bring in new customers. 

You’ll have a social media team dedicated to your business with clear and transparent communication throughout the process. Our implemented strategies will track the work we do on your social media so that you know your money is being spent well. 

We are a company that thrive off of results. We don’t just provide data, but we provide proof of lead generation and user engagement. You can count on us to produce quality content for your social media and advertise it so people are drawn to your business.

Are you Ready to get Social?

At Backdoor Marketing, we offer services designed to grow your business and meet your digital marketing needs.