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There are approximately 1.2 million ‘.za’ registered domains in South Africa, so it’s important for your business’ website to be at the top of Googles search results page (SERP). This is where Backdoor Marketing (your SEO experts) are here to help.

If your website isn’t found on the first page of Google, you risk losing a substantial amount of potential customers. Googles first page attracts 92% of all traffic with 34.4% going to the top position. In comparison, the second page only wins between 5-7% of traffic.

We at Backdoor Marketing want to grow the quality and quantity of your websites traffic, because more traffic means greater leads and sales. In order to do this, we’ll need to implement a strategy that will boost your website on Googles search engine results pages (SERPs) to attract potential customers and generate leads and conversions.

Backdoor Marketing is a search engine optimization (SEO) Agency, we use our digital marketing services to help you get to the first page of Google in no time!

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Why your business needs SEO:

If you’re not on the first page of Googles results page then you can count yourself invisible to 75% of Google users. You want your business to be seen, and that is why it is our goal to get you onto the first page!

We want to outrank your competitors so that customers come to you first.

By working with a top SEO agency like Backdoor Marketing, your business will start ranking higher in the search results, which means more traffic and leads.

We are constantly keeping up with Google so that you don’t have to. Our team of SEO experts know how to create a long-lasting campaign that will keep Google and your customers invested and happy with your business.

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We Bring the leads to you!

Inbound leads are 900% more likely to convert to customers than outbound leads.

Our SEO Strategy:



Initially we do an in-depth review of your website. We look at your sites architecture, written content and any previous SEO done. We analyze who your  competitors are and asses your websites current rankings.


Keyword Research

With the use of Google’s search history database, we are able to identify search terms used by your target market. This will show us which keywords we can use that will boost incoming site traffic.


Competitor Discovery

We research who your competitors are and observe their content and backlink strategies to find any strengths or weaknesses that may help you in the long run.


Content Writing

Once we’ve identified your industries top keywords, we write and edit content for your website. We look for any gaps and fill them with keyword-rich content that will boost the quality of your webpage.


On-page Optimization

We want your customers to enjoy using your website. We asses your site and take action to improve page load speed, page structure, site architecture, we reduce page size, optimize media and fix broken links.


Domain Authority

Domain Authority (DA) is a search ranking score developed by Moz that predicts how well your site will rank on Google. We asses the DA of your entire site and make more improvements to your site performance.


Content Strategy

Content is king when it comes to SEO. Our team will plan out a monthly content calendar to improve your websites engagement rate.



We will send you a monthly report to show your keyword progression, visitor analytics and overall improvement of your site. Our reports are transparent so you know that your money is being utilised well.

What Makes Us The Go-To SEO Agency in Durban

The integrity of your website is very important to us. We are sure to stick to white hat SEO techniques in order to ensure that your websites integrity is maintained. We comply with Googles terms of service by staying within the bounds that are defined by Google.

Using white hat SEO techniques is the best way to boost your website ethically and sustainably. Failure to comply with Googles terms of service and by using deceitful techniques (black hat techniques) could result in the drop of your websites rankings, or worse – your site can be banned from Google or other search engines. 

We will assign a Backdoor Marketing SEO expert to your project who will be your exclusive point of contact to the team. Think of us as your personal digital marketing team. While some marketers try be deceitful with their reports, we try to be as clear and transparent as possible with ours.

So why risk it? Rather use a digital marketing agency that you can trust.

Are you Ready to GROW YOUR BUSINESS?

At Backdoor Marketing, we offer services designed to grow your business and meet your digital marketing needs.