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Video and Film Production Company.

Corporate and Marketing Video Production:

At Backdoor Marketing we offer turnkey corporate and marketing video production services. We specialise in corporate advertising, marketing and sales videos, educational recruitment videos, marketing campaigns and commercials, and the filming of special events.

Our team is qualified and experienced within the film and marketing industry. As creatives, we understand the passion and commitment you have for your business and we want to be the ones to help you express the enthusiasm and fire you have for your product or service. We are committed to you and your project, and we want to use our resources and skills to bring your vision to life.

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Our Video Services and how they will benefit your business:

Corporate Videos: We want to work with you to turn your story into a brilliant video that you can showcase on your website or social media. Our passion is to produce high quality videos that you can use as a great marketing tool for your business. We guarantee transparent and clear service from pre-production to the final film.

Social Media Videos: Video content on social media is an effective and successful way to drive traffic to your website through other platforms. We can grab the attention of your target market and draw them to your website to convert them into customers.

Event Videos: Event videos can be used for many things. Want to sell your events experience? Would you like to promote your next event? Or do you just want a reminder of your even for the future? We’ve got you covered. Our production team specialise in capturing every wonderful moment of your event and delivering an incredible final video.

Testimonial Videos: When know how testimonial videos can increase your companies online credibility. We want to work with you and film effective testimonial videos for your businesses website or social media.

We offer all kinds of video production services…


Showcase who you are!

Videos are the number one way to catch your audiences attention and showcase your businesses identity!

Our Outstanding Video Production Method:


Let’s Talk

We want to know YOUR vision and come up with a plan to bring it to life! First we talk about everything to do with the project. From ideas and goals you want to achieve with the video. We come up with a schedule and set a deadline for the project.



Our team sit down and take everything we discussed in order to come up with a detailed plan for your video. We keep you in the loop throughout the whole process. Our meticulous planning is necessary to ensure that everything runs smoothly.


Shoot our Shot

When shooting day arrives, we would have everything planned and prepared. We film everything within our schedule to make sure that we stay on track and deadlines are met. 


Edit, Edit, Edit.

We take all the footage that we shot during production and edit it according to the script. This process is time consuming but vital if we want to deliver a top quality final video. We provide you with a first draft, you’ll be able pick out what you like and don’t like about the video.


Fix it in post

Our editing process continues and we change all the things you may have not liked. We tie up loose ends and add any visual or sound effects that are needed. 


Final Video

Lastly, we hand over the final video once you are happy with the complete edit. Our journey doesn’t end here! You can use our other services to market your video online and get the word out there!

Why use our creative team for your Corporate and Marketing Video Production?

Our production team are qualified professionals who have the necessary skills to plan, produce and deliver an effective video for your company. We are able to produce all kinds of videos and are able to tailor the content in a way that will target your appropriate audience. Our creative team are skilled within the sound and film industry. We provide quality service and ensure clear and transparent communication throughout the whole production process.

Our teams take pride in our pre-production process. We plan every little detail to ensure the schedule and deadline we provide stays on track and that the production and post-production process flows as smoothly as possible.

Our ultimate goal is to provide you with a video that is up to standards and that you are 100% satisfied with.

Let’s Get creative!

At Backdoor Marketing, we offer services designed to grow your business and meet your digital marketing needs.